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Follow Kapsch is an invitation to take an exciting trip into the world of Kapsch. Set apart from current reports in the three business segments, the online medium Follow Kapsch invites its readers to follow the company into the life of the future and to explore foreign countries and art, education and science in a multimedia style.

Follow Kapsch introduces impressive people and tells their stories, while showing how technological innovations are already changing our daily lives today.

Follow Kapsch upholds the values, goals and concerns of its media owner, the Kapsch Group. This includes an obligation to fulfill our entrepreneurial and social responsibility, show social commitment and pursue sustainability as well as a commitment to high-quality journalistic articles.
The editorial team of the Kapsch Group is supplemented by independent authors of various reports, guest contributions and commentaries.

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Kapsch is one of Austria’s most successful technology corporations, specialized in the future-oriented market segments of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Railway and Public Operator Telecommunications as well as Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Kapsch is organized as a group company with the entities Kapsch TrafficCom, Kapsch CarrierCom and Kapsch BusinessCom. As a family-owned company headquartered in Vienna, Kapsch has been dedicated to the continuous development and implementation of new technologies for the benefit of its customers since 1892. With a wide range of innovative solutions and services, Kapsch makes a valuable contribution toward responsible approaches to a mobile and networked world. The companies of the Kapsch Group employ about 5,000 people at subsidiaries and branch offices around the world.

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