Over 120 years of looking to the future

The Kapsch Corporate Museum displays contributions to the European history of technology

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Since it was founded in 1892, Kapsch has been involved with the future. Whether telegraph, telephone, radio, or television, Kapsch has always played an important role in shaping modern developments. Evidence of this is shown in the more than 50 exhibits presented in a space of around 260 m2 at the newly opened corporate museum.

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This fascination with the future follows the ideas of Wilhelm von Humboldt, who said “Only he who knows the past has a future.” The items displayed in the corporate museum lead into the major themes that Kapsch is involved with today: intelligent transport management, smart cities and Industry 4.0.

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What it means to not be the standard

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Kapsch. A history of a company.

Ever since its founding in 1892, Kapsch has been dedicated to its role as an innovator and technological pioneer. From the production of the first portable radios and the spreading of telephone technology in Austria up to ground-breaking toll projects around the world: when it comes to technological milestones in communication and mobility, Kapsch has always been a major step ahead. [ read more ]


Kapsch Portfolio

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Connectivity lowers energy costs

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Networked traffic

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From connected to autonomous vehicles

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